An inventor built a tiny Macintosh classic with LEGO and Raspberry Pi

Image: jannis hermanns

Nostalgia has been all the rage among electronics enthusiasts these days, from this Windows 98 “smartwatch” to Nokia’s revamp of the classic 3310. But here’s a nostalgic effort that goes above and beyond: Developer Janis Hermanns built a Wi-FI enabled LEGO Macintosh Classic that runs Docker on a Raspberry Pi Zero with an e-paper display.

Hermanns was playing with LEGOs with his son when they decided to build one of the first computers he remembered using, the Macintosh Classic. The project would be a birthday present for his friend. (He detailed every step of the process in a blog post here, so you, too, can build your own.)

Image: jannis hermanns

The duo designed the project on LEGO designer, ordered an epaper display and some white LEGO bricks and connected them to a Raspberry Pi Zero. The result? This adorable mini Macintosh Classic replica.

Image: jannis hermanns

The parts were around $160 in total; read the guide here if you want to try this at home.

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Women Are Creating She-Sheds, A Female Alternative To Man Caves (15+ Pics)

Men need their space. But so too do women. But while some men prefer to dwell in their Man Caves, some woman prefer an alternative place to relax. Such as the She-Shed.

Whereas Man Caves are usually a part of the house somehow, say hidden in the basement or the garage perhaps, She-Sheds are typically situated in the garden. There are no set rules to how a She-Shed should be constructed. Some turn them into reading areas while others use their She-Sheds as craft rooms or even miniature yoga studios.

Want a She-Shed but don’t know where to begin? Then take a look at the pictures below where you might just find some inspiration. That applies to you too, guys. Go on. Don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone.

(h/t: mymodernmet, contemporist)




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Scared Kitten Found Under A Truck And Then This Happened

When this good guy saw a scared kitten clinging to a truck near his office, he just couldn’t leave her like that. Turns out, “the mama kitty ran off… and ditched the kitten. No other kittens could be found,” – redditor JustAnotherGoodGuy explained.

Immediately after finding the kitty, the man sent the picture to his wife asking “can I bring it home?” His wife’s reaction? “Who could say no to that face?” – she said.

The first thing they did was take her to the vet. “That’s how we found she’s a she. Got shots, the whole new kitten package.  She was only 4-5 weeks old when found.”

“[Axel] has made herself right at home with our 19 year old cat and 2 year old dog. She’s safe, sound, warm, and… loved,” – the couple explained.

“The mama kitty ran off and… ditched the kitten”


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Adopting A Dog Helped Me Deal With My Depression More Than Going To Therapy

I never really believed in the potency of pet therapy, and I didn’t really like animals much either. I never had a pet growing up, so I wasn’t able to understand the bond that people have with their pets is actually powerful.

I had been battling with anxiety and depression for almost three years. I was seeing therapists and psychiatrists, and I wenton and off several different antidepressants. I was drowning in the most irrational fears and obsessions that made me feel like I could never have a normal future.

Because of all of my anxieties, I was convinced I was mentally ill and needed to be institutionalized. I was afraid of death and loss of control. But at the same time, I also struggled to find a purpose for my life.I felt unlovable. I believed I didn’t deserve to be cared about. Since I was blessed to have the necessities of life, I believedI hadn’t gone through real hardships.

As I was sitting in class one evening, my mind was zoning out and wandering into dark places.

No one cares about me, and I am a waste of space, I thought. “If I died, would anyone care?” These thoughts made me question my purpose of being alive, and I was afraid of them.

Afterconsulting my parents and therapists that night, I changed medications again. But, I was tired of relying on doctors and medicine. I wanted to feel like I mattered to someone.I was living away from home at my university. I had a few friends, a boyfriend and roommates, but I constantly felt alone. I didn’t know how to help myself feel better anymore.

One day, my parents suggested I’d get a dog to live with me at school. I was very surprised because my parents had neverallowed pets at home. As a result, I never had a desire to take on that kind of responsibility. At first, I thought it was a ridiculous idea. How could a dog help my mental health?

But, the more I thought about it, the more I became open to the idea. I researched dog breeds and started visiting shelters to learn more about taking care of dogs. My family and I went to a bunch of shelters in Los Angeles to find a dog I could connect with.

I went toa park where a few shelters came together to bring dogs for adoption. That’s where I finally found the one. It was like love at first sight. I saw him from a distance, and before meeting him, I instantly knew I would adopt him.

I took my dog back to school with me the day I adopted him. The first few days with him were difficult, as I had never cared for a pet before. Then, I created a routine, and every day, it became easier. We built a tight bond. He was dependent on me, and I became very attached to him as well.

Every time I’d come home, he would be at the door to greet me. I felt the unconditional love, and it was as if a void inside of me was filled. My dog enabled me to find a sense of purpose. I also became more social and approachable because people wanted to pet and learn more about my dog. I started making friends at school and finding happiness.

It almost felt like I was starting to become a new person. I was becoming a better version of myself by being more social and open to trying new things. My dog, Aristotle, helped me learn to appreciate everything I have. Heshowed me how to allow myself to be loved. Aristotle saved my life, and I am grateful for him every day.

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Dogs Before And After Their Haircuts (16 Pics)

I am an animal photographer named Grace Chon and these images are from my new photo series titled HAIRY.

I’ve always found before and after photos from dog grooming to be really funny. Usually it doesn’t even look like it’s the same dog in each photo! I had the idea of shooting a photo series that highlighted this extreme transformation. Each dog went way beyond their normal grooming schedule to grow their hair long and shaggy for the shoot. There’s something so funny to me about seeing a dog so shaggy that they can’t even see! I wanted the after photos to be really extreme by showing a type of cut that’s uncommon to most of us here in the United States.

All the dogs have been groomed in a Japanese grooming style, which doesn’t follow the usual breed standard cuts and rules for grooming that we’re used to seeing. Rather, the emphasis is on making the dog look as adorable as possible – cute on steroids- by highlighting the uniquely cute characteristics of the dog. These cuts are works of art – each haircut takes hours as the majority of the styling is all done with hand scissoring. All the dogs in the series were groomed by the incredibly talented groomers from Healthy Spot in Los Angeles, CA. Many of the groomers there specialize in this style of cut and have been trained by masters from Japan. Hope you enjoy!

Biggie Smalls Before


Biggie Smalls After (grooming by Cameron Adkins)


Rocco Before


Rocco After (grooming by Patricia Sugihara)


Herman Before


Herman After (grooming by Cindy Reyes)


Raider Before


Raider After (grooming by Koko Fukaya)


Lana Before


Lana After (grooming by Koko Fukaya)


Athena Before


Athena After (grooming by Donna Owens)


Teddy Before


Teddy After (grooming by Donna Owens)


Yuki Before


Yuki After (grooming by Alyson Ogimachi)


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Make Homemade Sticky Slime and get Slimed! Yuck!

As an early 2000s tween, I used to spend countless hours watching Nickelodeon’s Slime Time Live and dreaming fervently of the day I could bathe in fluorescent green goop on live television. There was something about the way the slime lookedharmless but almost glowing, untouched in a giant vatthat made you want to jump right in. Their noses may be buried in their phones, but teens and tweens today, it seems, are still reallyinto this idea. But theyve found a more sophisticated, profitable way to obsess over gooey substances: Welcome to the strange, internet drama-fueled world of DIY slime.


Liquid Gold This will be up for sale as soon as my website is open!

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Slime-making accounts, run by slimers, have seen a massive uptick in popularity since the tail end of 2016.

The most prominent accounts are operated by teen girls. If you type the words how to into Google today, the first fill-in-the-blank answer is how to make slime,closely followed by immortal how-to questions like how to tie a tie or how to boil eggs. It turns out making slime is surprisingly simple, easy, and very cheap.


Recipe: How to make slime


1 bottle Elmer’s glue (either clear or white)

1 teaspoon Borax powder OR substitute 1/2 cup liquid laundry detergent

1 1/2 cups water (room temperature)

Step 1: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of borax powder into 1 cup of water in a separate bowl.Mix well.

Step 2: Measure out about1/2 cup of clear glue and mix with 1/2 cup of water until well mixed.

Step 3: Pour glue/water mixture into borax/water mixture.

Step 4: Get your hands in there and mix it up. Voila! Slime time.

Make sure to store your finished slime in an airtight container. If it ever becomes too sticky or goopy to handle, you can carefully add more borax powder to restore consistency. For added texture, mix in glitter, beads, styrofoam beads, or even a small amount of lotion to add a scent to your slime.

The basic slime recipe is made up of a combination of household ingredients and school supplies: white glue, water, food coloring, and the key ingredient, borax powder, which is found in most laundry detergents. Here’s where the profit comes in: Slimers can make a basic slime at home for less than a dollar and sell it at a much higher pricetypically anywhere from $2 to $20, depending on their variations or additions to the slime.

Under the hashtag #slime on Instagram there are more than2 million posts, mostly videos, of stretchy, sticky, brightly colored goop thats squished and squashed around in the hands of teen slime enthusiasts. Each video follows roughly the same format: a spotless, fresh bowl of virgin slime is poked and repeatedly folded, making a distinct clicking or popping sound.

It’s both visually satisfying and auditorily satisfying, but it’s the combination of these senses that make slime what it is, says Grace, one half of the teen girl duo behind the Instagram account Kickass Slimes. It’s great for relaxation. People who suffer from anxiety or general stress benefit from watching videos or playing with it themselves.”

Teens are always going to play with goop, or circulate obnoxious viral videos, or draw that one weird s symbol on all of their notebooks. But slime has surpassed a simple teen trend, crossing over into the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) community. ASMR refers to the euphoric tingling sensation some experience inresponse to certain stimuli, like listening to quiet whispers or having their hair touched. That distinct slime soundthe clicking, popping, and crunchingcan also trigger the brain tingle response that defines ASMR.


fuzzy peaches whatcha doing right now ? you can buy this on my etsy! link in bio <3

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Though science has turned up barely any real information on why some people experience ASMR effects more than others, one 2015 ASMR study found that most ASMR enthusiasts turn to videos produced by “ASMRtists” to help reduce anxiety symptoms or to use as a sleep aid.

“The feeling when you pull back your fingers from poking it and then the noises it makesit’s just nice, says Sarah Schonbacher, the 19-year-old operator of an Etsy slime shop called Honey Guts. You can poke it, stretch it, make different textures and noises.

There are names for varying strains of slime butter, fluffy, crunchy, and fishbowl, to name a few. With artisanal names like super crunchy iceberg, jiggly banana milk, and pastel geode fishbowl, its hard not click on the next suggested video, anticipating the next round of sounds.

As pure and silly as the slime world seems, just like the rest of the internet, it can get sticky when it comes to competing for followers and plagiarizing original recipes.

I know what you’re thinkingslime drama? Seriously? Seriously, Grace says. It’s intended to be a source of relaxation, not a place to argue about who created what type of slime first or demand recipes. People overreact all the time, but at the end of the day, it’s just slime.

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Creating Epic Outdoor Scenes On The Cheap

I am commercial still life photographer but I love creative or conceptual photoshoots. I love to do miniature photography and what I love about my art is that I can turn my fantasies into reality. Being a miniature photographer, I always think of something new and something everyone can do.

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I do not use any expensive ready to use props and dioramas. I make all the stuff I use in a set of the very minimum resources. I usually use plaster of parts to create mountains or rocks and some old paper to give basic shape of hills. I mainly used polystyrene sheets and mixture of plaster and black paint to make roads. Other things I use are some polystyrene sheets, homemade foliage, baking powder for snow and some paints. I used very basic supplies so that if someone wants to try they can. I also used photoshop  to bring out the beauty. So it’s very simple and very exciting. 

Everything usually takes me 3 – 15 days from planning to execute the ideas.

It’s just a myth that you cannot do great photography without great and expensive props and utilities. It’s endless what you can do with it and do it the way you want to.




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DIY — Build A Killer Backyard Bowling Lane

While the wife probably has a dozen or so DIY gardening projects planned for this summer, its time for you to get your own DIY yard project, and this might just be the ultimate.

Make your own backyard bowling alley! Forget about the typical boring yard games for barbecue season, why not do something epic? This is something that will set your barbecue parties leagues above the rest!

It takes a little, or maybe a lot, of elbow grease, but boy is this worth it! If you have some handyman skills your good to go. If not, just get some tool jockey buddies over for the weekend, buy some brews and get building!

Make sure you have a decent size backyard so you have enough distance for your lane.

This guy first planned out the outline so he knew the various wood lengths required to get the alley going.

He used his computer to construct a 3D drawing to help visualize how the whole thing would end up looking.

What an incredibly unique addition to your backyard!

Check out the cool pulley system this guy put together! No need to manually re-rack, after each turn the pulleys do it all!

Backyard bowling at its best.

Share this incredible DIY project with your buddies

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DIY Deck Pool Idea! Your Neighbors Will Love Visiting!

So you have a plastic swimming pool and you want to dress it up some.

Theres nothing better than this idea for taking an ordinary pool, and creating an extraordinary surrounding! This is a very cool project where you can spice up your backyard big time, not with a fancy pool, but with an amazing deck surrounding the pool. It looks great and it gives a major twist to the typical above ground pool. No more climbing up and over, simply hop right in from the surrounding deck and enjoy! Best backyard pool idea Ive seen in a very long time! Share with your friends and start building your own DIY pool deck!

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Get The Family Outside More Often With These Killer Activities

If your household is anything like mine, you have noticed that our kids and loved ones are spending more and more time with their various tech, and less and less time with each other.

Here are a few ideas to get your family outside more often, and spending time together. I tried to include games that can be enjoyed by nearly all ages.

These are just a start. There are dozens of ideas that can bring your family together….outside!