Tylko bags $3.1M to size up a bespoke furniture business

Bespokeshelves cansell themselves if you make it easy enough for buyers to be designers. Thats the conviction driving Warsaw-based Tylko, which just closed a3 million (~$3.1 million) Series A round aiming to step up its app-based custom flat-pack furniture business with additional marketing muscle, while alsoworking to expand therange ofproducts it sells online.

Investors in the new round are Paua Ventures, G+J Digital Ventures, Experior Venture Fund and Daftcode Ventures. The startuphas been sellingcustomizable hardwood shelving units as its first focus since September 2015 but doing so online and viamobile apps, rather than from bricks-and-mortar showrooms.

Its alsousing augmented reality to help grease the sales pipe. Users of the Tylko iOS app can push a button toview their custom shelving unit design in situ via their mobile device, thanks to AR although youfirst need to print an A4 context card, and put the paper on the floor where youreintending the shelves to sit.But so long as you have a printer handy, its a quick and painless way to get help visualizinghow furniture looks in a room arguably the biggest blocker to most furniture sales.

Tylko has paid special attention toseeking to simplify thecustomization process, usinga series of sliders to let users quickly tweak and applydimensions, styles and finishes. The designprocess is similarlystreamlined via an algorithmic process called parametric design that allows design changesto be rules-based and thus user-controlled by a slider, too.

So while users cant literally spec out exact interiorshelving dimensions of a Tylko shelf, they canadapt a design by eye (and finger) to get something thats more to their liking. Switching between different shelving designs is quick and easy just a case of a few taps and sliding a slideruntil you like the look of the result.

Parametric design permits the designer to create a controlled environment in which the customer can move with the use of the intuitive UI (such as sliders), explainsco-founder Mikoaj Molenda. The result is a product created by the designer yet adapted to the specific needs of the customer.

We realized that there was no easy way to get the perfect piece of furniture. Everything was either standardized or too complicated, so we decided to think in a customer-centric way so we could fulfill everyones needs, addsco-founder Jacek Majewski.

We know that shopping for furniture in the real world is a nightmare for many people. Its time consuming to fight the bustle of a busy shop to find the ideal piece amongst standardized products, and the product is bought, they often discover different hidden logistical costs or even worse have to transport it themselves. The assembly process is often tedious and at the end of the day, the product is very low quality.


This was our inspiration: to create a high-quality solution in which our clients needs are met from start to finish from personalizing the perfect-fit shelf, to easy in-home assembly.

The team tells TechCrunch theyve sold products to around 3,000 customers at this point, with Europe their main market so far, and within thatGerman-speaking countries and the U.K. though they havealso shipped further afield, including to Japan, Israel, Australia and the U.S.

Theyre using a fully automated manufacturing process, relying on CNC machines that receive production files straight from the customer, and machine parks based in Poland.

While shelving units are thefirst focus, they also offercustom tables with different dimensions, leg designs and colors. Theyre also intending to develop additional products with the new financing a well-placed source tells us storage will continue to bea focus, withcustom cupboards one likely future product, for example.

Tylko usesslow-growth wood from Finlands birch forests as thebase hardwood for its furniture. Customers have to wait between three and six weeks for delivery after theyve submitted an order, so thisdoes not match the immediacy of an IKEA DIY pick-up job, though Tylkosays theyre hoping to reducewait times soon. Shipping is also free within Europe.

Per-unit pricing is also generally muchhigher than flat-pack giant IKEAs products so,while a basicsix-shelf IKEA Billy bookcase cancost just40, aTylko hardwood grid-styled equivalent might cost as much as 440 but its chasing higher margins bytargeting more of a designer furniture buyer, given theuse of hardwood and ability for customizable dimensions, as well aslook and feel.

Tylko describesits customers as typically design and tech savvy, withan average age range of 25 to 35 andevidently plenty of disposable income to spend on minimal-looking furniture. Buyers cant change an order after its submitted, but the startupdoes offera 100-day return policy for any bespoke shelving regrets.

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Balenciaga’s Ginormous Tote Bag Will Hold Your Everything

You know those teeny, tiny bags that are super impractical and hold little more than a lipstick and keys?

These are not those bags.

Balenciagas fall/winter 2017 collection, which showed at Paris Fashion Week on Sunday, came complete with the comically huge tote bags of our dreams.

Victor VIRGILE via Getty Images

Imagine never having to pack a separate gym bag again. Or getting all your laundry to the laundromat in one shot. Or the look on the cashiers face at your local supermarket when youre about to fit an entire weeks full of groceries inside.

The possibilities are endless, really.

Estrop via Getty Images

Estrop via Getty Images

Of course, being that these are not regular totes but Balenciaga totes, we have a feeling the price tag alone might negate their utter practicality and must-have-ness.

Estrop via Getty Images

Still, we cant help but fantasize about toting around all of our clutter in one place. Sorry, Marie Kondo.

Victor VIRGILE via Getty Images

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Bank’s unusual support for its LGBTQ employee will give you hope

Being gay can be especially tough in some conservative Asian cultures, but supportive workplaces can make all the difference.

This video posted by HSBC Bank in Taiwan tells the story of one of its employees, Jennifer. In an interview segment in the video, she reveals that her parents don’t acknowledge her relationship with her partner, and refused to attend their wedding.

So the bank’s country CEO, John Li, walked her down the aisle on her big day.

The touching video also talks about Jennifer’s 11-year relationship with her partner, Sam.

Image: hsbc now/youtube

“My parents are strongly against it,” says Jennifer. “Whenever my father sees Sam, he will push her out and tell her to get lost.”

Jennifer adds that her biggest worry about coming out was that it would affect her work. “I was concerned that it would stop clients banking with [us]. So I considered it very carefully,” she says.

However, her colleagues have come out in full support of her.


“CEO John was willing to walk me down the aisle, [he even] told us not to be nervous and to walk slowly,” she says.

Taiwan has not legalised same-sex marriages, so the couple’s wedding is ceremonial. But Jennifer notes that she hopes her story will encourage others LGBTQ couples facing the same pressures.

“This wedding is really for the LGBTQ community,” says Jennifer. “We hope our actions will encourage people and create respect among different communities.”

This is not the first time HSBC has made a big show of support for LGBTQ couples.

Earlier last year, it unveiled a pair of rainbow lions in front of its Hong Kong office as part of its “Celebrate Pride, Celebrate Unity” campaign.

“This campaign demonstrates our commitment to achieving a truly open and diverse working environment,” said HSBC Group general Kevin Martin in a statement.

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Make Homemade Sticky Slime and get Slimed! Yuck!

As an early 2000s tween, I used to spend countless hours watching Nickelodeon’s Slime Time Live and dreaming fervently of the day I could bathe in fluorescent green goop on live television. There was something about the way the slime lookedharmless but almost glowing, untouched in a giant vatthat made you want to jump right in. Their noses may be buried in their phones, but teens and tweens today, it seems, are still reallyinto this idea. But theyve found a more sophisticated, profitable way to obsess over gooey substances: Welcome to the strange, internet drama-fueled world of DIY slime.


Liquid Gold This will be up for sale as soon as my website is open!

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Slime-making accounts, run by slimers, have seen a massive uptick in popularity since the tail end of 2016.

The most prominent accounts are operated by teen girls. If you type the words how to into Google today, the first fill-in-the-blank answer is how to make slime,closely followed by immortal how-to questions like how to tie a tie or how to boil eggs. It turns out making slime is surprisingly simple, easy, and very cheap.


Recipe: How to make slime


1 bottle Elmer’s glue (either clear or white)

1 teaspoon Borax powder OR substitute 1/2 cup liquid laundry detergent

1 1/2 cups water (room temperature)

Step 1: Dissolve 1 teaspoon of borax powder into 1 cup of water in a separate bowl.Mix well.

Step 2: Measure out about1/2 cup of clear glue and mix with 1/2 cup of water until well mixed.

Step 3: Pour glue/water mixture into borax/water mixture.

Step 4: Get your hands in there and mix it up. Voila! Slime time.

Make sure to store your finished slime in an airtight container. If it ever becomes too sticky or goopy to handle, you can carefully add more borax powder to restore consistency. For added texture, mix in glitter, beads, styrofoam beads, or even a small amount of lotion to add a scent to your slime.

The basic slime recipe is made up of a combination of household ingredients and school supplies: white glue, water, food coloring, and the key ingredient, borax powder, which is found in most laundry detergents. Here’s where the profit comes in: Slimers can make a basic slime at home for less than a dollar and sell it at a much higher pricetypically anywhere from $2 to $20, depending on their variations or additions to the slime.

Under the hashtag #slime on Instagram there are more than2 million posts, mostly videos, of stretchy, sticky, brightly colored goop thats squished and squashed around in the hands of teen slime enthusiasts. Each video follows roughly the same format: a spotless, fresh bowl of virgin slime is poked and repeatedly folded, making a distinct clicking or popping sound.

It’s both visually satisfying and auditorily satisfying, but it’s the combination of these senses that make slime what it is, says Grace, one half of the teen girl duo behind the Instagram account Kickass Slimes. It’s great for relaxation. People who suffer from anxiety or general stress benefit from watching videos or playing with it themselves.”

Teens are always going to play with goop, or circulate obnoxious viral videos, or draw that one weird s symbol on all of their notebooks. But slime has surpassed a simple teen trend, crossing over into the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) community. ASMR refers to the euphoric tingling sensation some experience inresponse to certain stimuli, like listening to quiet whispers or having their hair touched. That distinct slime soundthe clicking, popping, and crunchingcan also trigger the brain tingle response that defines ASMR.


fuzzy peaches whatcha doing right now ? you can buy this on my etsy! link in bio <3

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Though science has turned up barely any real information on why some people experience ASMR effects more than others, one 2015 ASMR study found that most ASMR enthusiasts turn to videos produced by “ASMRtists” to help reduce anxiety symptoms or to use as a sleep aid.

“The feeling when you pull back your fingers from poking it and then the noises it makesit’s just nice, says Sarah Schonbacher, the 19-year-old operator of an Etsy slime shop called Honey Guts. You can poke it, stretch it, make different textures and noises.

There are names for varying strains of slime butter, fluffy, crunchy, and fishbowl, to name a few. With artisanal names like super crunchy iceberg, jiggly banana milk, and pastel geode fishbowl, its hard not click on the next suggested video, anticipating the next round of sounds.

As pure and silly as the slime world seems, just like the rest of the internet, it can get sticky when it comes to competing for followers and plagiarizing original recipes.

I know what you’re thinkingslime drama? Seriously? Seriously, Grace says. It’s intended to be a source of relaxation, not a place to argue about who created what type of slime first or demand recipes. People overreact all the time, but at the end of the day, it’s just slime.

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Creating Epic Outdoor Scenes On The Cheap

I am commercial still life photographer but I love creative or conceptual photoshoots. I love to do miniature photography and what I love about my art is that I can turn my fantasies into reality. Being a miniature photographer, I always think of something new and something everyone can do.

Show Full Text

I do not use any expensive ready to use props and dioramas. I make all the stuff I use in a set of the very minimum resources. I usually use plaster of parts to create mountains or rocks and some old paper to give basic shape of hills. I mainly used polystyrene sheets and mixture of plaster and black paint to make roads. Other things I use are some polystyrene sheets, homemade foliage, baking powder for snow and some paints. I used very basic supplies so that if someone wants to try they can. I also used photoshop  to bring out the beauty. So it’s very simple and very exciting. 

Everything usually takes me 3 – 15 days from planning to execute the ideas.

It’s just a myth that you cannot do great photography without great and expensive props and utilities. It’s endless what you can do with it and do it the way you want to.




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DIY — Build A Killer Backyard Bowling Lane

While the wife probably has a dozen or so DIY gardening projects planned for this summer, its time for you to get your own DIY yard project, and this might just be the ultimate.

Make your own backyard bowling alley! Forget about the typical boring yard games for barbecue season, why not do something epic? This is something that will set your barbecue parties leagues above the rest!

It takes a little, or maybe a lot, of elbow grease, but boy is this worth it! If you have some handyman skills your good to go. If not, just get some tool jockey buddies over for the weekend, buy some brews and get building!

Make sure you have a decent size backyard so you have enough distance for your lane.

This guy first planned out the outline so he knew the various wood lengths required to get the alley going.

He used his computer to construct a 3D drawing to help visualize how the whole thing would end up looking.

What an incredibly unique addition to your backyard!

Check out the cool pulley system this guy put together! No need to manually re-rack, after each turn the pulleys do it all!

Backyard bowling at its best.

Share this incredible DIY project with your buddies

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DIY Deck Pool Idea! Your Neighbors Will Love Visiting!

So you have a plastic swimming pool and you want to dress it up some.

Theres nothing better than this idea for taking an ordinary pool, and creating an extraordinary surrounding! This is a very cool project where you can spice up your backyard big time, not with a fancy pool, but with an amazing deck surrounding the pool. It looks great and it gives a major twist to the typical above ground pool. No more climbing up and over, simply hop right in from the surrounding deck and enjoy! Best backyard pool idea Ive seen in a very long time! Share with your friends and start building your own DIY pool deck!

SHARE with friends!

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Top 20 Best Cities To Visit When You’re Young, Broke And Adventurous

Traveling the world while in your 20s is possibly one of the most carefreeexperiences that you will ever have. This is not to say that traveling becomes any less enjoyable as you get older; it’s just different.

Now at29, I simplydon’t have the patience to share a dorm with 20 other snoring and highly sexually active backpackers, and I don’thave the stamina to party until the wee hoursof the morning, or the ability to hold down terrible-tasting, cheap shots. Although, come to think of it, I don’t think my younger 20-year-old self possessed that ability either.As you get older, your tastes and priorities change, which is why you should make the most of travel while in your carefree 20s.

Here is a list of20 cities to visit in your 20s, when having that 20s stamina may very well come in handy.

1. Berlin

Berlin radiates “uber” cool and is a magnet for creatives, hipsters and entrepreneurial types. Check out the bars in grittyKreuzberg, explore the industrial buildings in the Urban Spree, cheer on the brave souls atbear pit karaoke inMauerpark and ride a bike along the airstrip at the abandoned Tempelhof airport.

You’ll need all the stamina that you can muster to keep up with this experimental city.

2. Budapest

Budapest hascemented itselfas one of Europe’s coolest cities and for good reason. The glitteringDanube River literallydividesthe city into two, and also figurativelysplits the city’spersonality.

You’ll find the hordes of tourists on the leafy Buda side during the day, and the partygoers on the Pest side in the evening. Stay in the hip Jewish quarter and spend time inthe makeshiftruin pubs born out of abandoned buildings. The original and most famous ruin pub, Szimpla Kert, is a visual feast to behold.

Budapest is also known as the “city of spas,” sohead to one of the infamous spa parties if you’re game.

3. London

A cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures and a hub for excellent music, it is often saidthat London is the centre of the universe, a fact which is indisputable when you’re there.

Join the cool kids for a gin and tonic in the trendy suburbs ofEast London,pick up one-of-a-kind vintage finds at the Portobello Market and watch all ofyour favorite bands for less than 20 quid. The royal family isn’tagainst welcomingcommoners into the regal fold, so you never know

4. Tokyo

Home tothe wacky, bizarre and the brilliant, there is no other city quite as eclectic asTokyo, or one as likely to make you feel as if you’re in a Manga comic.

Pretend you’re one of Gwen Stefani’s backup dancers in quirky Harajuku, have a sak with Japanesesalarymen in one of the minuscule bars in the Golden Gai area, get your geek on in nerd-town Akihabara and, of course, belt out your favorite J-pop tunes inone of the many karaoke bars.

5. New York

It’s cool, urban and trendy, and you’ll need a whole lot of New York swag to keep up with all of the pavement-pounding locals in this concrete jungle.

Findthe pocket of New York that speaks to you: whether it’s the edgy Lower East Side, boho Greenwich Village, trendy Tribeca or hipster-central Brooklyn. Walk the Highline, visit Central Park and soak in the view from the top of the Empire State Building.

You’ve seen the movies, you know what to do.

6. Dubrovnik

Blessed witha mesmerizing locale on the Croatian coast,Dubrovnik is a must-see for all 20-somethings.Although not as renownedas its island counterpartsfor its party atmosphere,there is still plenty to dowithin the ancient city walls of the Old Town, which has its own unique auraof Adriatic charm.

Don’t miss out on the Buza bar, otherwise known as the “hole-in-the-wall,”a bar perched on the cliffs offering uninterrupted panoramas of the sparklingsea. You’ll need to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming.

7. Amsterdam

A strange combination of refinement and liberalness, Amsterdam is the home of canals and tulips, sex and weed. Although let’s be honest, the young’uns areprobablymore interested in the latter.Twenty-somethings will fall in love with the freedom and autonomy that Amsterdam grants its residents and the unrivaled friendliness of the locals.

8. Rio deJaneiro

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and that the last one standing during a night out will always be a Brazilian. Seriously, Brazilians know how to party. Time your visit to coincide with the colorful and wonderful Carnival festival that is held annually before Lent.

Otherwise, spend yourdays sun baking on the famous Copacabana and Ipanema beachesbefore practicing your samba moves and drinking caipirinhas to your heart’s content.

9. Phuket

Phuket’s reputation as a party hub is well established. Most of the activity takes place along Bangla Road in Patong, where youwill encounter thecurious and the outlandish among the bright neon lights and discotheques. It’s cheap and cheerful; what more could you want?

10. Hong Kong

More than astopover city, Hong Kong offers the best in food, shopping and entertainment. Gorge on the dumplings at Tim Ho Wan, the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world, watch the symphony of lights illuminating Victoria Harbour and then head on over toLan Kwai Fong on Hong Kong Island, the centre of HK’s bustling nightlife and a beacon for the expat community.

11. Barcelona

This spirited Spanish city isa wonderful mix of quirkyarchitecture, delectable foodand lively nightlife. Explore Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces during the day (don’t miss the incrediblePark Gell), grab a fresh juice from La Boqueria, settle in for your 9 pm tapas dinner and then find a cool bar tucked away in the labyrinth of the Gothic Quarter where you can get your flamenco on.

12. Las Vegas

Look, I can’t say too much because, you know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Although I think this line is used just to mask the fact that most people don’t actually rememberwhat happenedafter a weekend away in Vegas. Thisdesert oasis cityis made for partiers and punters, and you will soon find yourself getting seduced by the (faux) glitz and glamour.

13. Buenos Aires

Here is city that will be guaranteed to have you reveling until the early hours of the morning, simply because the parties in Buenos Aires areknown to get started at 2 am hope you’ve had your coffee intake! Buenos Aires is smooth,sexy and intoxicating, and the perfect place to dance the night away beforethe sun comes up.

14. Istanbul

A citywhere east and west collide front-on, Istanbulis a cosmopolitanblend of different cultures and empires. Wake up to the mesmerizing call to prayer at the Blue Mosque (it’s goose bump-worthy), haggle for colorful scarves and carpets at the Grand Bazaar, and visit a hamman for a traditional Turkish bath and a vigorous scrub.

Beyolu is the epicenterofIstanbul’s pulsating nightlife, and you’llfind a diverse mix of people partying together in trendy rooftop bars to more traditional folk venues.

15. New Orleans

Not just the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans is also famed for its raucous and jubilantnightlifeand you will be swept away by the joie de vivre spirit that embodies this city.

Join in on the festivities during Mardi Gras which occurs at the beginning of the year. Otherwise, tuck into thedelicious gumbo, jambalaya and po-boys, enjoy the live music scene onFrenchman Street and hit the bountiful bars on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter.

16. Tel Aviv

Tel Avivis a lively,young city with a beautiful coastline and plenty of vivacious energy to keep you buoyed throughout the night. It’s often touted as the party capital of the Middle East, which may come as a surprise to some, but perhaps it’s the backdrop of ongoing conflict that compels locals to live in the moment and toseek outfun and pleasure.

Head tothe beachfrontif you’re keen toparty by the wateror check out the bars along the area surroundingLilienblum Street if you’re in the mood forsomethingwith a local flavor.

17. Reykjavik

It’s super expensive but oh-so worth every dollar and, in this case, Icelandickrnur.For a city with such a small population, Icelandic people seemed to be iced (pardon the pun) in coolness and creativity.

Icelandersalso know how to have a good time and after spending your daysroad-trippingand marveling at the sublimebeauty of the island, you’ll want to join in on the rntur, which is the town pub crawl.

Taste the local “schnapps” Brennivn, otherwise known as the Black Death.

18. Santorini

Sure there are other Greek Islands better known for their party vibe; however, Santorini undoubtedly wins the award for best-looking. The whitewashed walls of Cycladic housesperched dramatically on the cliffs,contrast brilliantly againstthe indigoAegean sea. This is a vision that will be engrained in your brain for years to come.

19. Melbourne

I may be biased, as it’s my hometown, but Melbourne is simply one of the coolest cities if not the coolest in the world with the best bars, restaurants and coffee on offer in this cosmopolitan microcosm.

All of the action happens down dimly lit laneways, behind dumpsters, in abandoned lofts and through unmarked doors, so you need to be in the know to know where to go. The rule of thumb is to venture down every derelict alleyway that you come across; you never know what you maydiscover.


Bienvenue Montral! As the home to the second largest number of French-speakers outside of France, it may be beneficial to brush up on your high-school French to score points with the locals.

Montral is a captivating city with ajam-packedfestival calendar,innovative culinary sceneand countless cocktail bars topractice your Franaisin.

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Get The Family Outside More Often With These Killer Activities

If your household is anything like mine, you have noticed that our kids and loved ones are spending more and more time with their various tech, and less and less time with each other.

Here are a few ideas to get your family outside more often, and spending time together. I tried to include games that can be enjoyed by nearly all ages.

These are just a start. There are dozens of ideas that can bring your family together….outside!