An inventor built a tiny Macintosh classic with LEGO and Raspberry Pi

Image: jannis hermanns

Nostalgia has been all the rage among electronics enthusiasts these days, from this Windows 98 “smartwatch” to Nokia’s revamp of the classic 3310. But here’s a nostalgic effort that goes above and beyond: Developer Janis Hermanns built a Wi-FI enabled LEGO Macintosh Classic that runs Docker on a Raspberry Pi Zero with an e-paper display.

Hermanns was playing with LEGOs with his son when they decided to build one of the first computers he remembered using, the Macintosh Classic. The project would be a birthday present for his friend. (He detailed every step of the process in a blog post here, so you, too, can build your own.)

Image: jannis hermanns

The duo designed the project on LEGO designer, ordered an epaper display and some white LEGO bricks and connected them to a Raspberry Pi Zero. The result? This adorable mini Macintosh Classic replica.

Image: jannis hermanns

The parts were around $160 in total; read the guide here if you want to try this at home.

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